Beth Whitney

Administrative Assistant-Lead Pastor

In 10 words or less...

Describe your job:

Doing whatever I can in assisting Craig to get as many people as possible to hear and see Jesus.

Describe a normal day:

Start with coffee, answer emails and phone calls, lots of meetings, more coffee, google something, more emails and phone calls...

Meetings. Love 'em or hate 'em?

If the meeting is productive, I'm all for it. If what was said could have been sent in an email...

Favorite accomplishment/project since joining staff?

Earning the Ministry Leadership Certificate

One thing people don't realize about staff but need to know?

The staff LOVES Arcade Church with a deep, sincere love. And coffee. We love coffee.

Random Facts:

Beach or Mountains? Beach

Mac or PC? PC

Arts or Sports? Both

Favorite Coffee Roast? Peet's Columbia Luminosa

Best Date Spot? Anywhere I can get a great steak with my husband!

Best Movie? The Princess Bride

In the next 5 years I will... I will be down to one teenager at home...I did the math - we will have a teenager for 17 straight years!

Creative or Administrative? YES!

Everyone Should Read. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Encounters with Jesus by Tim Keller