Craig Hardinger

Lead Pastor

B.S. - Corban University

M.Div. - Golden Gate Theological Seminary

D.Min. - Bakke Graduate University

In 10 words or less...

Describe your job:

Run the Gospel up the flag pole – see who salutes. Encourage, motivate and train others to do the same. I love it!

Describe a normal day:

coffee shop, study, meeting, study, meeting, counsel, roam the hall looking for a meeting…repeat.

Meetings, love 'em or hate 'em?

Please see above – you decide.

Favorite accomplishment/project since joining staff?

Writing and teaching through “Engaging the Gospel”

One thing people don't realize about staff but need to know?

I’m still looking for that kind of stuff. Call me.

Tell us a story of what you've seen God do through your ministry?

The absolute rush of seeing a ray of Gospel-light break through the layered crust formed around a person’s life. And then to see that ray grow into a beam that floods the soul with true transformational change. It continually takes my breath away – the glory of God in a changed life. Awesome!

Random Facts:

Beach or Mountains? Mountains…by the beach

PC or Mac? Mac! Not that there’s anything wrong with PC.

Arts or Sports? Sports - but I like being around artsy people - makes me feel better as an athlete.

Creative or Administrative? Only two choices? Seriously?

Favorite date spot in Sac area? Home. I know - we Hardingers are pretty wild.

In the next 5 years, I will ... have reached the goals that I haven’t set yet. Stay tuned.

The best movie of all time is clearly... Last of the Mohicans – newer version

Everyone should read... We’re not getting stickers for saying “The Bible” so I’ll say, The Unity of the Bible by Daniel Fuller.