Mark Hall

Classic Worship Director

In 10 words or less…

Describe your job:

Prayerfully selecting, rehearsing and leading music that inspires, instructs, encourages Arcadians in living lives of worship.

Describe a normal day:

Learning the ropes, learning names and putting them with faces, learning who does what, learning what is kept where, learning how things have been done, learning new software, etc. Ask me in 6 months if I've learned anything.

Meetings… love em or hate em?

Love them because they're essential to an effective team. Can you imagine a football team that didn't huddle?

Favorite project since joining the staff?

Getting acquainted with the staff. Does that count?

One thing people don’t realize about the staff but need to know?

On my first day during the guided tour of the office, a staff member said to me, "You are going to love being here. This is a great place to work." I totally agree. The staff's leadership and support roles function efficiently together for the greater ministry of the church at large.

Tell us a story about how you’ve seen God move in your ministry.

Clearly in opening the door at Arcade. For the past few years I assumed the Lord was redirecting Janie and me back to So Cal, but circumstances, my connections, and our prayers did not prevail. We clearly saw God's sovereign hand do what we had not thought possible in bringing us on-board at Arcade.

Random Facts:

Beach or Mountains? God made 'em, I enjoy 'em.

Pc or Mac? I have only worked on PCs but my daughters have encouraged me to "upgrade" to Mac. But really -- do I want to add more to my list of things to learn?

Sports or Arts? I don't follow sports, so I guess that leaves art. (I guess I better say art if working in music.)

Starbucks or Peets? Who would have thunk that coffee joints would have become so ingrained in culture? Because I'm cheap, I say Keurig

Fav date night spot? Music Circus in the summer time with our girls.(I guess that's not really a date date.)

The best movie of all time is clearly… It's a Wonderful Life! I try to watch it yearly.

Everyone should read... Besides the Bible, I recommend Joel Rosenberg's documentary books, Epicenter or Inside the Revolution.