Matt Matzke

Student Life Pastor

B.S. - Arizona Christian University

Working on Master's at Western Seminary


Describe your job.

Oversee student ministries, cradle to college. Most of my time and energy is spent in High School ministry as the High School Pastor

Describe a normal day.

I wake up, I make some lunches. Take kids to school. Shower. I shave my head. I dry off. Then I get dressed and eat breakfast. Then I go to work at Arcade. I spend some personal worship time... Sometimes I meet with parents, kids, staff, etc. then I go to lunch. Then back to work. I head home, help with dinner, hang out with family... Then off to bed. 

Meetings…love ‘em or hate ‘em?

Depends on the meeting... 

Random Facts:

Beach or Mountains? Yep... Or both

PC or Mac? Does it really matter? I have both

Coldplay or U2? Only if I want to be depressed or old

Sports or Arts? Sports

In the next 5 years, I will… Not have any more children

The best movie of all time is clearly… Our family movie clips

Everyone should read… Dangerous Wonder by Mike Yaconelli, Crazy Love by Francis Chan, Becoming a Stretcher Bearer by Michael Slater