Arcade Church exists to get as many people as possible

to hear and see Jesus

Sunday Morning

The Rhythm of Arcade Church is to Gather and Scatter.  We gather with Jesus in mind then we scatter with Jesus in view.


9:00 am - Classic Service

10:45 am - Modern Service

6:00 pm - Slavic Service

Children: Sunday: 9:00 & 10:45 am

Students: Middle School: 9:00 am - Second Story

                  High School: 9:00 am - Cryder Gym

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We are seeking to become a community that is living every moment of life fully aware of God’s presence in this world. We recognize that worship is more than something musical, a specific style, or a form. Worship is us living our lives as an outpouring of our relationship with our Creator. We desire to be a community that celebrates the goodness of God with every aspect of our lives, through a variety of rich and deep expressions.

9am - Classic Service

The Classic Service provides a blend of hymns and today's modern songs set to a classic style supported by the Arcade choir and symphonic band. A multi-generational worship experience. ASL interpretation available.

10:45am - Modern Service

The Modern Service consists of a blend of today's modern songs and the rich history of the hymns led by acoustic and electric guitars, keys, bass and drums. Energetic. Fun. Holy.

Play an instrument? Love to sing? want more info on how to get involved in music at Arcade? contact Helen Gavrilov